Suwannee News

Action Reports - Dave Kerr, the nephew of Suwannee veteran Joe Halchak, has provided us with PDF copies of action reports for all of the major battles in which the Suwannee was involved. To take a look at them, click on the "Action Reports" option, available in the box at the left side of each screen. The files are broken down into 10-page segments, as the originals are very large. You must have Acrobat Reader on your computer in order to view/download/print these files.

Taps - If you wish to include information about the passing of a U.S.S. Suwannee crewman or member of one of its air groups, please click on the "Contact" button to send an email message to the webmaster. The information will be included in an upcoming newsletter.

Contact - If you want to contact someone from the Suwannee who might remember a relative of yours who served aboard the ship, or if you served on the ship and would like to have a shipmate contact you, please click on the "Contact" button to send an email to the webmaster. Include your phone number or email address and any details that might help someone from the Suwanne remember you or your loved on. We'll include the information in the next newsletter.


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