Thirteen Battle Stars


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This web site is dedicated to the men who served aboard the escort carrier U.S.S. Suwannee CVE-27 during World War II. The story of the U.S.S. Suwannee has too long gone untold.  In part because of the extent of damage suffered during the first kamikaze attacks of the war, much of the information about the Suwannee, and of what her crew and air groups endured, was classified for several decades.  Our hope is that through this web site we can help the nation to know the sacrifices these men made to guarantee the freedoms we have today. (Place your cursor over any of the ribbons at the top, the battle stars at left, or the Suwannee image to see a description.)

Click on "Links" at left, then "The Suwannee" to access color video of the USS Suwannee at anchor. The video was obtained from the British Imperial War Museum."



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